About Us
Company culture

Business philosophy: integrity, quality, efficiency, development, innovation;

Team spirit: loyalty, harmony, unity, innovation.

Loyalty: for the company, the customer and the occupation;

Harmony: the relationship between the company and employee, colleague relationship, family relationship, and customer relationship;
Unity: the whole company is United, solidarity among colleagues, family members live in harmony;
Innovation: ideological innovation, dare to think of all possible development of technology and business;
Action should be innovative, dare to practice all possible success, not afraid of failure, the more frustrated exclusive!

Management concept :
People - oriented: enterprise takes talent as the core, human is the spirit of all things;
The development of enterprises is the development of talents;
The competition of enterprises is the competition of talents!
The company pursues the humanized management concept, mainly reflected in the following three aspects:
1. Provide all-round training opportunities, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality level of the employees of the company;
2. set up a reasonable salary management system, combine the effective incentive mechanism, and fully reflect the value of each employee in the company;
3. Focus on the advantages of the personal technical project of the staff with expertise, and enjoy the corresponding different treatment for different positions.