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Social responsibility

Social insurance
According to the state regulations, the company provides for the employee pension, medical treatment, maternity, unemployment, work-related injury social insurance, the payment base and the proportion of the contribution shall be in accordance with the provisions of the local social security institutions.

Commercial insurance
Travel - free insurance: the company is the unified purchase of business travel Worry insurance for overseas travel staff, the premium is borne by the company.

Various types of holidays
In accordance with the national laws and regulations, employees shall enjoy the statutory holidays and rest days off, and shall enjoy the corresponding annual leave according to the continuous service life of the company. In accordance with the national laws and regulations and according to the company, employees normally enjoy sick leave, family leave, marriage leave, family planning leave, funeral leave and so on.

Work meals and transportation grants
The formula will be more social standard of living changes, provide a certain amount of food, transportation, communication and so on. And pay for the wage structure, for the staff work and life as convenient .

Salary level is competitive in the industry, and according to the company planning and research to formulate long-term incentive policies for employees, the rapid development of the company can benefit all employees at the same time.